Sony Playstation VR Headset With Camera Bundle 3002492

  • Ever-Expanding Library of Games
  • Plug and Play
  • Lightweight Headset Design
  • Experience VR Gaming
  • Comfortable, Adjustable Headset
  • 3D Audio Technology
  • PlayStation Camera Included

Sony Playstation VR Headset With Camera Bundle 3002492

Immerse Yourself in New Dimensions. PlayStation VR immerses you in entirely new and unexpected gaming environments. With The PlayStation best VR headset, see what it’s like to pilot an X-Wing in Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission or slay a dragon as the Dragonborn in Skyrim VR.

It’s easy to get started with PlayStation VR. Simply attach your PSVR headset and PlayStation Camera to any PlayStation4 device and you’re ready to go. The PlayStationVR headset will make you forget you’re wearing it, allowing you to focus on exploring new gaming worlds without being distracted.

PlayStation VR

Your pulse will speed up. The pupils of your eyes will dilate. When you explore new environments, your instincts will kick in and take charge. The choice is yours: slay mythical beasts, escape the undead, or take the wheel as a skilled driver. There are currently over 100 games available*. With PlayStation VR, you can experience them all.

Breadth of Content

We’re excited about titles like Skyrim VR, Gran Turismo Sport, The Inpatient, Bravo Squad, Doom VFR, and many more since PlayStation is committed to providing fresh, ultra-sensory experiences.

Industry-Leading Design

The PlayStation VR headset was designed to be comfortable, balanced, and customizable. It’s made to sound as though it’s not there at all, so you can focus on exploring new gaming worlds.

What’s in the box: HDMI cable for Sony PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR1U) USB cable for Sony PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR1U) Headset cord Headphones, a processing unit, and a PlayStation Camera are all included. PSVR Camera Bundle for Playstation.


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